Click to add point

Left click to add reversing point

R to randomize the whole board and create the most "beautiful" melodies


This is a super tiny project based on this very interesting math video:


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This is great - you could really expand on this to create some interesting loops

I found out it's really hard to get a grasp on it and control it, really. And I spend quite some time trying to make sense of it.

Might try to do similar ones in the future!

Glad you liked it! Thanks!

I had a great time playing this piano. I wish there were more instruments and more than one music table, so I could mix to melodies and compose cool stuff hahaha. 

Believe me, I tried to actually control what is being played and its very very hard. Welp maybe someone else could. 

Maybe theres a project there, with a few more whacky instruments and a way to sync them and make them sound together, maybe some genius could make some actual worthwile music. Maybe someday! 

Thanks for playing! :) 

I love that you turned this bizarre math problem into a piano.

Thanks! :) The first time i looked at the video I wa slike "Hmmm this has a weird rythmic elegance to it, I wonder what would happen if each point played a sound"