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Make the plant grow and survive the incoming waves of enemies. Minimalistic tower defense game with clean flatcolor aesthetics.

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Great as always, you should revisit this someday

Thanks a lot :)


I sincerely congratulate you for the first place at the 3rd Alakajam! with this game, well deserved! :) I found the consistently minimalist game design as well as the graphics style very appealing, while the background music was totally relaxing. The overall concept was super neat - I mean, growing gunned plants and using solar rays as energy points... What's not to love about that?!  :) That's why I recommended your game with two more in our compilation article about the jam and a minute of gameplay is shown in the accompanying video as well. Keep it up! <3

Best wishes,


Thanks a lot for your patronage! :D Super glad you liked it :) Love the work you do.

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Nailed the theme, amazing music. I left it running for most of the stream, eventually the whole world was full of sunlight and I had ~12,000 as a score. I call that winning. Really making a self sustaining tree is the condition I strived for. It was a pleasure to play. I do think the difficulty curves well even though you can overcome the initial challenge. However it did take me 3 or 4 attempts on the 3rd level to succeed.

Well done!

Watch Get Played | Alakajam! 3 Part 1 from Tiger_J on www.twitch.tv

Sunlight Update #1

Watch Get Played | Alakajam! 3 Part 1 from Tiger_J on www.twitch.tv