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beat it!

I liked it quite a lot, nice simple mechanics and art


Great little puzzle game. Cool mechanic and very challenging!

this what i called little great puzzle. 


Thanks a lot for playing! I see you surrendered in the last level. It is the one that showcases the game's most interesting mechanic :) 

Hope you enjoyed it! 

wohooo... maybe i will retry it


What a great little puzzle game :) ! Well done ! Those levels are so tricky but very rewarding !

And I love the pixel art and animations (the little cat player character gives me a Night in the Woods feeling :)) ) !

I would of loved to be able to undo a move, because sometimes I made silly little mistakes that forced me to redo everything all over again ! But other than that awesome stuff ! Keep it up !


Oh having feedback from you is such a honor! :D

Yeah I really wanted to do the undo thing but I kept putting it away and in the end didn't have time. 

Was sad this jam overlapped with yours or I would have participated! :)

Thanks for playing! ^_^


I was getting irked why there wasn't an undo button, but I quickly cool down when I remembered that 'simple' undo is actually quite complex when there's more than 2 objects to track based on my own game lol.

Short but great concept btw!


Thanks for understanding. I tried :'( :D


a year late but... trying is what matters!


I dont think I really helped making this game but thanks :)