A downloadable game

This looks like a platformer, but you can't control The Guy. 
Instead, you must finish the electronics of some levels so he can reach the end.
Use your mouse to draw cables and connect, for example, a button to some switch blocks, so The Guy can make them transparent, walk through them, and reach the door.

This is but a small game concept, with 8 easy levels that are meant purely to showcase the basic mechanics, and only the last level should give anyone any trouble. 

I appreciate greatly any feedback and opinions! 

I hope you like it.


PlatformerMaitenance.zip 1 MB


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cant seem to download it for some reason

Huh, does it say anything? it's a normal itch.io zip download

"Cannot read property 'build' of undefined"

How weird, it downloads well for me... :S

it happened with a couple other games, some yours some from other people, dunno why

looked it up but didnt really find much

I liked it. Easy to learn and quite a bit challenging on a couple of levels. :) 


Thanks for playing! I hope I can give it more depth soon.