A downloadable game for Windows

A game made in 48h for Alakajam 2 with theme "You can't see everything"

The darkness needs to be defeated. and only the light of the moon can light the way.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action, Puzzle
Code licenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


Moonlight.zip 3 MB


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very nice!

I could see a lot of levels with these mechanics

and the art style is pretty good!

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It sorta does :) It's a 48h game so don't expect much, but theres a boss and a closing sequence.

WoW! Very impressive! =)

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Hope you guys enjoy this video,and i really enjoyed the platforming

Oh my god a YouTuber actually played something I made? Hoooooo :D

You made my day! Hope you had fun! Watching rn :)

You're really charming! 
Thanks for playing my game and hope you are succesful in your endeavors!

This is such a lovely jam game! Would be really great if you developed further with a level designer, there are some issues with the metrics and a game like this relies heavily on the environment feeling nice <3 

Thanks a lot! Yeah, some pacing i didn't get quite right. I'm sure I'll get around to do a big cleanup from the ground up after the jam results :) I don't know where to get a proper level designer :P If you want to help a bit I'd be glad to take some advice!

For sure! I mean take what I say with a grain of salt, I'm a level designer so I just noticed some things that I don't know you even have to worry about really. BUT I think if you wanted to flesh out this game post-submission, I would recommend taking out the angular spike-like looking platforms that are introduced early on in the game because when you get caught in the spaces between, the metrics dont allow you to escape easily enough and because there are so many angles, you dont learn that you can sort of wall jump and progress. So the player doesn't have to restart the game, spend time trying to figure that out because it's not worth the time! Or make the walls vertical so if you tried to get out you could learn that quicker. Also in the next 'room' there are a few floating platforms over spikes and if they were placed more uniformly, it would feel good to jump onto them and move on to the next area instead of having to adjust the jump because the one platform is off. I definitely like the lantern room but I would have a segment where the player has to throw their moon into a lantern or throw the moon somewhere then having to manipulate pulling the moon in an interesting way into a lantern introduced earlier on to help transition to the challenge the lantern room poses. It wasn't until the room that requires me to wall jump in the beginning of the room on walls that have spikes in order to navigate the level but I hadn't been taught wall jumping at this point so I would remove the threat early in the level and focus on teaching the wall jump here or like I said early in that first long room where you have the 'spike' platforms as long as the walls are vertical. Also the spike placement with the characters jump makes the beginning of this room very difficult. It feels like its not the players fault. The rest of this level is brilliant though :). The room where you introduce an enemy, the lantern at the very top is a little too hard to reach, I would take it out altogether because the room is difficult enough as being an introductory space to this enemy. Anyways I realize this is a long comment, I will just give a general tip of like making sure the player knows the new learnt thing and then designing the space to where that thing is taught to be for that action. I really love the game and am impressed with the level of content and polish you guys pulled off with interesting gameplay & theme interpretation.

Yeah some of these issues I already noticed with  other comments. I'm definitely saving your comment for when I redo the levels.

My friend playtesters were too non-critic :P

I also have some doubts about, if I want to expand the game, if i should go more puzzle-like and slow-paced, like the first half, or action-focused like the second half with the enemies and the boss, or if I can strike a healthy balance between the two.

You're a great playtester and level designer (you definitely caught most of the issues some comments in alakajam pointed out). I'll make sure to bother you after I make a new version.

Thanks a million!

I would love that! :)


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Seriously beautiful game, Hard to believe it was made in just 48 hours! A great platformer, and with the moon mechanic, it never feels like dumb luck blind platforming, something that even larger games' "lights out" sections seem to be plagued with. Creates a sense of connection and necessity with the "she" represented


Oh my god I don't know how to deal with fangirls.

Jokes aside, thanks a lot, it means lots to me. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!