A downloadable game for Windows

Keep the family alive through these dark times...

Sacrificing virgins pleases the Mother, and sacrificing those that have been having too much horizontal fun with more than one people pleases the Father. 

made for LD43 with theme "Sacrifices must be made"

Hope you like it! :)


MercilessGods_Source.zip 11 MB
MercilessGods.zip 4 MB


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Well, it's a simple strategy game. The style of it is nice.  A simple idea in a simple game. 6.9/10. (no joke intended).

hey rain! so i downloaded the mercilessgods.zip, and around .2mb left to download when it says failed-forbidden

Noone had that issue before. Might it be a "no space left" thing, maybe? Ill send it to you via something else if you want. :) 

Hmm could be. Is it downloadable as an app? If not I would appreciate the alternate link yeah ;p Thanks man

It's an "app" already, its not an installer. Just a zip with the executable inside. Give me a throwaway mail or something if you want me to send it via that.

sure thing. iramrahman24@yahoo.com.