- Left click and drag to move items and also rotate the camera
- Right click to rotate items (while hovering or while holding them)


"Clear Air" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
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Wow this is like the perfect puzzle game. I would ramble forever but basically, all the different mechanics interacting together is really what makes it so good for me (along with the primate human instinct to make a room perfect). I personally liked the handsoff approach, learning all the rules was very fun (though maybe simple "tutorial" levels would help?). Overall amazing game & aesthetics 👍


Really enjoyed figuring this out :) nice work

Lovely game <3


Does anybody else have trouble with the furniture jumping and spinning around constantly after rotating it?  It makes it unplayable for me.  


Took me about 15 minutes, but I beat the whole game! I feel pretty good about that.

Really a great job! But somethimes it is difficult to understand why a solution isn't correct

Yeha I wanted to really make it this "figure out the rules through experimentation" kidna deal but some fo the rules might be a bit too obscure. it's probably the one where chairs need to eb accessible from either side thats getting most people stuck.


Great game!  Had a lot of fun rearranging items!  I love the art but I'm not a big fan of the camera angle.  Got stuck on the restaurant level.


this looks intriguing -  but what are you meant to do?


The UI is a mess: Click on the "1" to get to the first level.

Huh sorry, theres not much UI. You start in the level select screen and then it's a rule discovery game where you need to figure out the rules to solve every level.