Watch a fairytale battle unfold and reverse-engineer who's who! Be careful as there might be a traitor king or a dragon with jet-lag :)

Inspired by Blood on the Clocktower


Music by Incompetech/Kevin McLeod

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very fun game, love the art and concept! it took me a few tries to really understand what I was meant to do, but it was an enjoyable trial and error. 

The only thing I've really struggled with are the modifiers. I had one round where I wasted a few lives with placements because a farmer had a sleepy modifier, but since they already don't do anything it didn't click that I was supposed to give it to them!

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I haven't played the games this was inspired by, and I don't think the rules are apparent at all without that background. Maybe explain them a bit more.

Recommend improving the controls in the following ways: Characters should swap when a character is dragged onto another character. Characters should drop onto the location where the mouse pointer is, not the drop shadow. I can figure out that they're being dropped at the dropshadow and that's the reason a lot of my drag actions are being ignored (that's how it feels before the player realizes what's happening, like inputs are just randomly failing), but aiming with the shadow of the thing I'm dragging instead of the mouse pointer feels wrong.


This is great! A few months ago, I was wondering how to turn aspects of Blood on the Clocktower into a single player puzzle game, but it seems you are way ahead of me. I’d gladly pay for a full-sized puzzle game based on this concept.


Love the idea, super cool to turn social deduction into straight-up deduction :) very charming art style too!


Fascinating game!  Took me a little while to figure out you could mess with the bar on the bottom.  The modifiers ended up being a bit much for me but I like the art and game feels smooth.